Hagebutte Bio Öl 100 ml

Hagebutte Bio Öl 100 ml

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Hagebuttenöl eignet sih hervorragend geeignet, um Falten vorzubeugen und zur Regeneration gestresster Haut.



Hagebuttensamenöl ist reich an Vitamin A und C und wirkt dem Hautalterungsprozess entgegen. Es fördert die Zellregeneration und unterstützt die Kollagenbildung der Haut. Das Öl enthält zudem ein hohes Maß an essentiellen Fettsäuren und Vitamin E zur Förderung einer gesunden Haut. Hagebuttensamenöl empfiehlt sich insbesondere zur Behandlung bei reifer Haut, vernarbter Haut, Dehnungsstreifen, Dermatitis und zur Regeneration sonnengeschädigter Haut.


Kühl und trocken lagern, nach dem ersten Öffnen ist das Öl für bis zu 6 Monate haltbar.


Rosa canina (Hagebuttensamen Öl) Bio


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Where is Fushi’s Rosehip oil sourced from?

Fushi’s Organic Rosehip Oil is sourced from a farm in the mountains of Ukraine. The combined effects of high elevation and mountainous areas ensures potent and radiance in each plants growth to ensure the best rosehip oil is produced. Once grown, the fresh rose hip is picked by hand and the rosehip seed is then extracted from each rose hip. The fresh seed is then cold pressed to produce a light and dry oil.

Why is Rosehip oil beneficial for eczema?

Rosehip oil has amazing healing and moisturizing benefits which can help eczema sufferers. This oil is anti-inflammatory which reduces eczema inflammation and pain. It also has exceptional healing properties which help the healing process of pumps, itchy patches and flare ups. By moisturising the skin, you are soothing the dry itching patches. EFA’s such as gamma linoleic acid, oleic, palmitic and linoleic acid fasten the healing of eczema flare ups. Vitamins A and C in particular enhance collagen production, which restore elasticity, reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

What makes Rosehip oil so anti-aging?

Rosehip seed oil is extremely anti-ageing due to many factors. Vitamin A is primarily a skin vitamin as it works to thicken and stimulate the dermis therefore slowing down the ageing process from deepest layers of the skin. It also can help reduce the pigmentation and strengthen skins natural protective barrier, thus protecting the skin from environmental damage which in this day and age is at the levels we’ve never even imagined before. Indeed, vitamins A, E and C that naturally occur in the rosehip oil can help to improve the texture of the skin and protect it from premature ageing. This is why rosehip seed oil is fantastic for urbanites, as most of the inflammatory processes in the body and skin occur due to the high levels of stress, pollution and inconsistent, nutrient poor diet. So a couple of drops after a stressful day at work and a facial massage can be enough to de-stress and reboot your skin’s health.

Why does Rosehip oil have an amber tone?

The amber tone of Rosehip oil is down to the levels of pro vitamin A in the oil. Vitamin A, which is a key anti-aging ingredient. Another powerful antioxidant, it promotes firmer, smoother skin.

Where is the Rosehip plant native to?

The Rosehip plant is native to Chile, where people have used it for centuries. The native wild rose is known by the people of Chile as "Rosa Mosqueta."


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Sourcing the best in Organic Rosehip

Exclusively cultivated for us by a small scale farm in the mountainous regions of Ukraine, our Rosehip oil is derived from the European Rosa Canina variety. The seeds are biodynamically grown and freshly pressed to produce a pure amber unrefined oil.
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Our Rosehip seed oil is pressed from a pure single strain of rosehip seed variety and contains a minimum of 18.3mg of vitamin E and 7.96mg of vitamin A per gram, which was verified by independent laboratory testing.

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