Leinsamen Bio Öl

Leinsamen Bio Öl

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Leinsamenöl ist eine ausgezeichnete Omega-3-Quelle.



Leinsamenöl ist eine ausgezeichnete Omega-3, 6 und 9-Quelle. Es kann eingesetzt werden zur Behandlung von Hauterkrankungen und Ekzemen, da die enthaltenen essentiellen Fettsäuren eine entzündungshemmende und heilende Wirkung besitzen. Essentielle Fettsäuren sind unabdingbar für Gesungheit und Wohlbefinden. Das Leinsamenöl ist in einer Glasflasche verpackt, um es vor Wärme, Licht und Feuchtigkeit zu schützen.


Kühl und trocken lagern, nach dem ersten Öffnen ist das Öl für bis zu 6 Monate haltbar.


Linum usitatissimum (Flachssamen Öl) kaltgepresst, naturbelassen, Bio


Zur innerlichen und äußerlichen Anwendung, innerlich: als Salatdressing oder Zugabe in Smoothies, äußerlich: für Massagen


Do you keep the flaxseed oil refrigerated?

High heat (over 300 degrees F) or sustained heat over a very long period of time can degrade Omega 3 oils. It is important to keep flaxseed oil refrigerated to preserve he freshness and potency of the oil, and avoid oxidation and exposure to light and heat.

Does the transit time effect the oils?

The relatively short transit times and variable seasonable temperatures encountered during transit have been found to be insignificant when tested extensively. Even shipments arriving in the summer heat waves can be assured as being potent and undamaged.

Is Fushi’s Flaxseed oil organic?

Fushi’s Flaxseed oil is organic. It has been grown without harmful chemicals, is fresh, purified and has come from a top quality seed. However, when flax is grown its seeds are protected in capsules, so being grown organically does not affect the taste or mean it has been harvested to a better standard. However, at Fushi we feel ‘organic’ is a better system which we feel will hopefully over time become more frequent in farming.

Why is Fushi’s Flaxseed oil from an English grown source?

At Fushi we believe the taste of the oil is of the utmost importance. We have chosen an English grown source of flaxseed due to the high quality of flax they produce. The best tasting Flaxseed is the one which has a delicate nutty flavour and is mild and creamy with no hint of bitterness. This level of taste shows it has been well produced.

How do you press the seed? How often do you press the oil?

Flaxseed does not respond well to being mass produced at high temperatures. The oil will start to go rancid and taste bitter, and can go off very quickly. Our flaxseed oil is produced in small batches which means it retains its freshness. When the seed is pressed it is very important to avoid oxidation which can spoil the oil. Fushi’s flax oil is pressed and packed under nitrogen which means the oil is kept at the right temperature and prevents the oil from becoming rancid.

How is the oil bottled?

Fushi’s Flaxseed oil is organic and cold pressed. It is freshly made in small batches only. The Flaxseed oil is sourced from premium English Flaxseed. The seeds are freshly pressed for maximum freshness and potency, and is packed under nitrogen. When we press our flaxseed oil we ensure that the oil is protected with contact from oxygen and light. Once the bottles are pressed the oil is stored under refrigeration prior to despatch which helps to preserve the freshness and potency of the oil. There is minimum oxygen exposure before bottling which will prevent oxidation.

Can I use flaxseed during cooking?

Fushi’s flaxseed oil has a smooth, mellow, creamy, nutty flavour which makes the oil a joy to consume. Some people take the oil from the spoon, but it can be even better when you incorporate the oil into your cooking. It can be used as an everyday alternative (with the added array of health benefits with an abundance omega 3’s) to your usual salad dressing, dips, smoothies, and even cottage cheese. There has been a big study on the effects of taking flax with cottage cheese called Bugwig Protocol.

Flaxseed is even more digestible than oats or other seeds. It is extensively used as a dressing/oil for foods and useful as it thickens sauces without needing to be cooked. Like all unsaturated oils – this oil should not be used at a high temperature. You can heat flax oil but it is best to heat gently and is ideal for using when baking.

How should the oil be stored?

In terms of storage Fushi’s Flaxseed oil must be kept in the refrigerator to retain freshness. It is also important to keep the bottle tightly closed to prevent oxidation, and away from the light. The oil can be kept for 12 months if unopened and for maximum freshness it is ideal to consume within six to eight weeks of opening.

Can my children take the oil?

Children can benefit from the omega 3 in flax oil due to its anti-inflammatory properties. There are benefits to talking flaxseed if children with asthma and eczema are dairy free – the mild taste of flaxseed can make a great addition to dairy free smoothies and other dishes. Omega 3’s for babies and toddlers are very beneficial as they can help them to reach their full genetic potential. Children can also benefit from the Omegas supporting healthy brain function, concentration and immune system. Omega 3’s for teenagers are great for the balancing of hormones, mood, skin and promoting healthy growth.


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