Öl Trio Set

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1 x Bio Arganöl 100ml   +0,00 €
1 x Jojoba Bio Öl 100ml   +0,00 €
1 x Hagebutte Bio Öl 100 ml   +0,00 €

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Organic oil gift set for skin care and beauty



A thoughtful selection of cold pressed unrefined oils, make the perfect gift for those who love natural beauty care. The kit contains the vitamin E rich amber Rosehip seed oil with its fantastic anti aging benefits for the skin, the worthy Moroccan Argan for its fabulous effects on the hair and the trusted Jojoba oil for it rejuvenating skin action. All oils are organic and cold pressed and of the finest quality, a gift that will be most appreciated and useful.


Store in a cool dark place, oil should be used within 6 months once it has been opened. Click here to know all the benefits and how to use them.


Organic cold pressed oils of Argan nut, Jojoba Kernel and Rosehip Seed.


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